Love Earrings - Free of Charge

What You Get

A pair of Love Earrings, free of charge, perfect for wearing on Valentine's Day or any other occasion you want to spend with your loved one. It's also the best gift you can offer your girlfriend or wife for Valentine's Day, to express your feelings.

Why Is It Free

This pair of Love Earrings is offered free of charge thanks to our many generous sponsors.
In order to get them you will simply have to complete one of the available offers in your area, prepared by our sponsors. It won't take much of your time and it will help us pay for the shipping of the item.
 Enjoy :)

How You Get It

Step 1. Click the "Start" button below these instructions.
Step 2. Complete the surveys or offers which our sponsors have prepared for you. The offers are successfully completed only when you see this message: "QUALIFIED FOR THE FREEBIE"
Step 3. When the message "QUALIFIED FOR THE FREEBIE" comes up, please fill in the shipping form located on the same page.
Step 4. Wait for an email confirmation from us.